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Old wallet

Where is the wallet download and can you still recover coins from the old v1 wallet

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I have a similar problem. I have coins in a Neos QT wallet and I have looked and there is no longer a published solution with links that work as i think it has been removed to clean up the posts. Can any one offer a step by step solution to an old miner who left his coins in a QT wallet for 4 years. I was going to leave them to 2024 but im glad I did not as its hard enough now - just 4 years have past and no published solution to update what was a very popular wallet - back in the old golden mining years

you can download v2 on

-afaik- you just need to plonk your wallet.dat in , and it'll show you your (changed) balance on v2 from v1 (i think it was ~x3 less?)

i dont think v3 will included such a change to balance

You can get the older wallet to recover coin from  You'll need to run the wallet, dump the wallet (via dumpwallet <filename>) and then import the wallet into the new Neos client via importwallet <filename>.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or need a hand.


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