By: Keller Barnette

Right Click NeosCoin Icon in system tray, Select : Debug Window

Select Console, type “masternode genkey”

Save PrivKey

Then type “masternode outputs” - This will list all internal transactions of exactly 5,000 Neos

The long number is your Hash, and the Output Index is the “1” (If you have more than one master node, this can be a 2, 3, 4, etc)

For the address, search “” - Port is 29320 (for most machines). You can double check by viewing your router configurations by typing, etc. in a browser windows (chrome). (if that doesn’t work, in windows search type “cmd” , “ipconfig” and then type that address into Chrome, and then access your Router and look up your Ports, UPnP (It may be under forwarding)

Use - - Port 29320 . This should say “Success”

A simple work around if your router is giving you trouble is to put the IP Address to Local NeosCoin into the DMZ feature of your router (Check Forwarding, Ports, find NEOS 29320 and it will have an IP address next to it,, then put that IP address into DMZ).

Finally manually open your Neoscoin.conf (roaming) file and type in:


masternodeaddr=YouIP (can you see me):29320  (if ipv6, put [] around the ip address!)

 masternodeprivkey= (masternode genkey - from ‘console / debug’)